BMW M140i Eibach Lowering and JB4 Install

BMW M140i Eibach Lowering and JB4 Install

BMW M140i Eibach Springs, Spacers and JB4 module

Front M135i Lci in grey at NVM

The M140i is an impeccable machine with its 3.0 litre turbo charged B58 straight six engine. It produces 335bhp and 368 lb/ft out the factory and has a quick throttle response thanks to its short tract charge cooler system. A true hot hatch.

This grey 2016 BMW M140 wanted a lower squat with a wider stance, so we installed a set of -25mm Eibach springs and 12mm BMS wheel spacers.

Eibach springs and spacers

bmw m140i on ramp NVM

Sitting pretty and wider on the road, which will also settle a few more mm’s over the course of 100-200miles.

The eibach setup is beautifully suited to the M140i chassis as it did with its predecessor the M135i.

grey m140i lowered with eibach springs

Whilst it was in we installed the Burger Motorsport JB4 plug in tuning module. With added bluetooth module it allowed 420bhp and 464lb/ft with no additional modifications. The beauty of the bluetooth module means you can switch maps on the fly and also datalog all the sensors. At £525 fitted its great value for me money and available on our online shop.

opened jb4 for m140i with bluetooth module