BMW M4 BMW intake fitting

BMW M4 BMW intake fitting

BMW M4 Dual cone Burger Motorsport intakes

The BMW M4 is a well packaged vehicle with 435bhp and 550nm. The stock hardware has been specifically developed for noise, power and regulations. The sound sector is where it loses to its predecessor the E90 M3 V8 engine howl.

Black F83 BMW M4 at NVM front

F83 BMW M4 stock airbox at NVM

The stock airbox although flows well, restricts all sounds of the turbochargers. This is where Burger Motorsport come in with their Dual cone aluminium intakes.

F83 BMW M4 BMS cold air intake infront of car

The sound produced from these are amazing. It allows the turbo to spool up quicker which in turn adds more power and torque throughout the rev range. 10-12bhp is easily achieved as proved on our in house Dyno. Contact us for more info.

BMS intake fitted to BMW M4 Convertable