Dyno – Rolling Road

Dyno – Rolling Road

The Ba-PRO 2wd has been specifically built and designed for the vehicle range we cover with upto 1000bhp capability. This dyno not only calculates transmission losses unlike other dynos but allows full load control and service modes like DPF regen simulation. This makes tuning and repairing your vehicle with 100% safety and accuracy. Thanks to a super-quick 10Hz sample rate and 250kg per unit roller weight coupled with two huge eddy current brake units, we can assess and scrutinise your cars performance at 10rpm increments. Our dyno is sunk into the floor allowing for lowest vehicle mounting with heavy duty 5tonne anchoring. Twin 15kw fans allow road speed simulation upto 360kmh Measuring program:


  • Transmission verification (clutch slippage)
  • Power step test
  • Power sweep test
  • Cooling system check (radiator, fan sensor, thermostatic valve)
  • Diagnosis by gas analyzer under load
  • Vehicle test with constant speed
  • Vehicle test with constant force
  • Vehicle test with constant load
  • Road simulation (slope, drag resistance, weight)
  • Vehicle test with constant RPM
  • Durability tests
  • Engine mapping to all RPM
  • Diagnosis by scan tool during road simulation
  • Powder coated tubular frame made by high strength steel
  • 4 big diameter rollers knurled over the entire width
  • HTD belt transmission between rollers
  • Pneumatic vehicle lift with rollers lock
  • Eddy current brake with load cell
  • Brake protection grid
  • Chassis dynamometer management software
  • Infrared remote control
  • Built-in weather station
  • Lambda sensor input
  • Built-in rev-counter system

Used in the Maserati, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo factories for its accuracy and repeat ability.

Dyno runs 2x : £65 inc Vat

Dyno session per hour: £110 inc Vat

We can cater for booking of groups and car clubs. Call or email for more info on special rates etc.

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