BMW M140i Scorpion Exhaust System Available NOW

BMW M140i Scorpion Exhaust System Available NOW

Scorpion Exhausts is pleased to announce a range of 80mm cat-back exhaust options for the BMW M140i.

Available for the application is a T304 stainless steel 80mm non-resonated, high flow cat-back exhaust system with valve plate for OE valve. The system has been developed with a high flow profile and an acoustic rear silencer to eliminate drone but enhance performance as well as soundtrack. 

The lighter than OE system can be selected with polished or black ceramic coated 90mm Daytona tailpipes. Like all Scorpion products the M140i system holds a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser.

To extract further power from the engine can do so with the addition of the 11mm/4in high flow de-cat turbo down pipe. The down pipe can be installed to Scorpion or OE cat-back exhaust system.

Darla Grey


4″  High flow turbo downpipe
£447.64 inc. VAT
Fitment Years 17-Current


Non-resonated cat-back system with polished Daytona tailpipes.
£962.44 inc. VAT


Non-resonated cat-back system with black ceramic Daytona tailpipes.
£1,012.91 inc. VAT