BMW M135i NVM400 Fast Road Package

BMW M135i NVM400 Fast Road Package

Tarox brakes install BMW m135i

BMW M135i NVM400 Package

The M135i is no slouch in any terms but sometimes upgrades are a necessity.

This lovely BMW came in totally stock for a Fast road package which incorporates extra performance, sound and stopping power.


  • BMS JB4
  • Scorpion Decat
  • BMS Cold air intake
  • BMS dual exhaust tips
  • Tarox Sport Japan discs
  • Tarox Strada Pads

The JB4 is a very popular accessory to the N55 engine as it allows end user power and boost adjustability. The tuning module ties into the engine harness as a piggy back ecu manipulating all sensor data to produce more power.

BMW m135i JB4 fitted

The Scorpion Exhausts Decat downpipe is a work of art which is a direct replacement for the OEM system and allows boost to increase throughout the rev range. It does bring an EML light on which is addressed by the JB4 smart processing.

Scorpion decat downpie

The stock calipers front and rear are very capable and adding a high performance discs with improved pad compound is a no brainer with extra power.

M135i stock brakes BMW m135i front tarox brake discs BMW m135i front tarox brake discs tarox f2000 discs

With all of it coupled together we set about producing a custom MAP 6 on the JB4 menu. Scanning and datalogging the ECU before making modifications see as result of 396BHP and 412lb/ft

Custom map 6 Jb4 fitted NVM

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