BMW 123d Stage 2 ECU remap at NVM

BMW 123d Stage 2 ECU remap at NVM

BMW 123d ECU remap Stage 2 rear

BMW 123d Stage 2 ECU remapping at NVM

This 123d came in to us for a Stage 2 upgrade. The stock 201bhp and 295lb/ft does well to keep this mini coupe going. But when the DPF (diesel particulate filter) is clogging up due to local stop start miles, then theres only one option.

The NVM DPF solution clears all exhaust pathways and includes custom ECU remapping to maximise performance and fuel economy.

The standard turbochargers work in series to produce maximum power at all times with minimal lag.

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Our Custom Stage 2 complete: 267Bhp and 340lb/ft