Audi S3 8p NVM Stage 2 Plus Antilag and Flatshift

Audi S3 8p NVM Stage 2 Plus Antilag and Flatshift

blue audi s3 8p tfsi at nvmotorsport

Audi S3 8p Stage 2 Plus at NVM

This 2007 Audi S3 8P came in to us all the way from London for a Stage 2 plus build. We fitted a Forge motorsport inter cooler, r8 coil packs, iridium plugs, rs4 frv and autotech hpfp internal to the previous turbo back exhaust and intake.

As with all cars we gave it a full health check and diagnostics with compression check. We do this on all vehicles taking more boost than usual so that we can determine the health of the car.

As the vehicle was previously tuned it was hard to establish its targets so we took a full backup. Further into the datalog we discoverred poor fuelling spots that caused the system to go lean and pull timing. This was down to bad callibration of HPFP and also a tired LPFP.

We fitted a new LPFP to address this concern and got about fitting the other parts:

audi s3 intank pump audi s3 8p twintercooler fitted forge mnotorsport audi s3 rs4 frv

The standard S3 intercooler has good flow and cooling abilities but the Forge motorsport twintercooler just aids it in extreme hot situations. The RS4 fuel pressure relief valve will allow a maximum of 145bar of rail pressure to help us keep fuelling right at top end.

Once all concerns were addressed and the ECU back to stock we set about building up a calibration to suit. Its critical to taper boost to reduce surge and target reasonable lambda. The stock K04 turbo maxes at 1.9 bar but we keep boost well below for reliability and smoothness.

Blue audi s3 8p tfsi on dyno audi s3 stage 2 plus nvm dyno result

The results speak for themselve 380bhp and 411lb/ft at the Flywheel.

We also added Antilag Launch control with Flatshift for the best 1/4mile times on the K04 turbo.