Sports Suspension

Sports Suspension

Part of building a performance vehicle is to make it more efficient in taking corners with precision and speed. Whether you want it to look better or ride better NVM cater for it all. Lowering your vehicle with:

    • Air Suspension
    • Lowering Coil Springs
    • Coilovers
    • and Full suspension Kits

Air Suspension: Air suspension comprises of four air bags that are filled and released to gain a desired ride height. The kits are quite intensive and are the best way to compromise looks with driveability. Lowering Springs: Lowering springs are the cheapest way to lower and stiffen the standard setup. Majority of kits lower the vehicle by 25-45mm. This still keeps the shock absorber in its efficiency window. Coilovers: The coilover system is a complete height and dampening adjustable suspension kit. This allows us or the user to dial in reduction in height whilst maintaining full efficiency and adjustability of the the shock absorber. The dampers typically have bump and rebound adjustment to cater for the drop in height and comfort. Suspension Kits: This is a full replacement kit that upgrades the coil spring and typical shock absorber with a setup that is married together from the production. Extensive r&d from the manufacturer is what it takes to produce a package that is suited to the lowered ride height.

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