BMW M135i N55 BMS intake fitted

BMW M135i N55 BMS intake fitted

Blue M135i Engine bay

BMS Cold Air intake System N55 M135i

So the BMW M135i is a highly capable vehicle with over 300bhp and a decent amount of torque. The standard air box is designed with this in mind, but lacks when increasing that demand.

N55 BMS intake vs Stock intake

In comes the Burger Motorsport N55 cold air intake system. It is a direct replacement for the stock air box whilst utilizing OE cold air ducting. This CONE filter intake system has been proven to give 10bhp throughout the rev range, also helps to hear that turbo spool. A true induction roar on full throttle, with a tiny whoosh as the diverter valve opens off throttle.

Engine bay fitted BMS intake N55

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