Audi S3 8P NVM Stage 2+ S-tronic

Audi S3 8P NVM Stage 2+ S-tronic

2011 Audi S3 8P Stage 2+ Build by NVM

The Audi S3 8P S-tronic is no slouch in stock form. Its ability to launch from zero to sixty mph quicker than alot of supercars of its time. The dual clutch transmission is its secret weapon allowing for millisecond shifts.

This S3 was already mildly modified when it came in to us. Milltek turbo back and Revo intake fitted.

Audi S3 8P S-tronic Stage 2+ NVM

S3 8P engine bay with Revo intake wrapped stage 2+

The NVM Stage 2+ additions to this model consists of:

  • Autotech HPFP fuel pump internals
  • Audi R8 Coilpacks
  • NGK Iridium spark plugs
  • 155 bar FPRV
  • New cam follower
  • Stage 2+ ECU tuning
  • Stage 2 DSG tuning

HPFP rebuild S3 8P Stage 2+


Autotech HPFP internals TFSI

Stage 2+ R8 coilpacks, Autotech hpfp internals, iridium plugs, cam follower

Once hardware is installed and complete we data log all sensors from the engine to determine pressures and data is correct. No two Stage 2+ calibrations are the same as we take into account different mods, health and turbocharger condition.

With the added benefit of 155bar of fuel rail pressure we could target almost 1.9 bar safely whilst maintaining a healthy AFR. Timing is set conservatively with IAT corrections still in place to allow for a safe power level. The DSG box is next on the agenda, although it shifts quick from factory…. there are torque limits and shift times to change. We spent a lot of time fine tuning shift pattern in S mode for maximum quarter mile attack. Increasing the clamping pressure also allows for a great torque ramp and Launch RPM of 4200rpm.

Stage 2+ Results:

364 BHP

368 Lb/ft

Quarter Mile: 12.2 sec


Audi S3 8P S-tronic Stage 2+ NVM front view

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