Audi Security Update Solution - OBD Theft

Here at NVM, we pride ourselves in securing your pride and joy.

The latest spree of AUDI thefts has caused concern with our customers. We have done vigorous R&D to determine a quick and cost effective solution. The thefts mainly covers vehicles built after 2008 Audi A4, A5, A6, Q3, Q5, Q7, A7, A8, TT and RS models.

The thieves have been using two methods of entry;Door pick and Glass break.

  • The door pick method is their most favoured step as the alarm interior/door sensors are deactivated as standard when unlocking with key or pick. Thus allowing silent programming of a blank key via the OBD port.
  • The glass break method has allowed the thieves to break the glass and reach in to OBD port and deactivate alarm and program a new key.

What we noticed:

  • Audi alarm sensitivity is very low for a glass break, thus rendering the alarm useless.
  • Audi door lock remains active after arming, thus allowing the vehicles alarm to be deactivated via a door pick.
  • Audi comfort windows are active on the door lock which allow the windows to be roll down with a door pick. This not only means your vehicle is susceptable to OBD theft. But it allows for glovebox and radio theft too silently.
  • Audi door ajar alarm delay of upto 30 seconds dependant on year. Thus not warning the owner of a door breach before the thieves have deactivated alarm.

NVM have produced a complete SOFTWARE UPDATE for all BCM modules to incorporate:

  1. Alarm interior sensitivity increase to include glass break.
  2. Door lock alarm control deactivation.
  3. Comfort windows programmed to fob only.
  4. Door ajar alarm instant upon open.
  5. Beep confirmation LOCK/UNLOCK.
  6. OBD Port Relocated
  7. Door lock delete (optional)
Price: £120 inc
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Stop your Audi from being stolen now!