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Hi Lewis,
Last october you removed the dpf from my combo 1.3 cdti (2007) – you might remember, I came up from Hastings because I couldn’t find anyone else who could do it.I have just got a new MOT with no trouble at all.
Since you did the work I have had no dpf related issues with the van at all – in fact it runs a treat and I would recommend you to anyone looking for trouble free dpf removal. I will be contacting you again when I change my van .Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial.
Chris – Hastings, East Sussex.


[av_testimonial_single src=’3566′ name=’Mr J Steele ‘ subtitle=’Seat Leon FR 170 dpf’ link=” linktext=”]

Hi NV, As promised a review you guys. Firstly thankyou for booking me in so quickly. I appreciate the fact that Lewis stayed behind for me to drop the car off. The car was a pain to drive being in limp mode and it was so reassuring to know this is an engine/ecu you guys specialise in. I’ve read the reviews and did a bit of research. The company i did have it booked in with didnt have a clue, i wont mention there name. Theres a reason why you guys take a bit longer than what other companies quote. You lot a perfectionists, its so reassuring to have my car back but like a NEW car.

P.S I’ve got the tuning bug, and i think i’ll be going for the coilover kit and upgraded exhaust and air filter to compliment the extra power!




[av_testimonial_single src=’3565′ name=’Mr. H Biran’ subtitle=’Audi A3 2.0 Tdi 170 DSG ECU Remap’ link=” linktext=”]


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the weekend, I always enjoy talking to techie engineers and you are definitely what I consider to be an expert in your field. You did my remap without a hitch and the one minor hiccup that did come up you knew exactly what to do and I had full confidence your  ability which  is pretty dam good considering I only had just met you.

Your workshop was nice and clean which is always good to see.

I must say my cool (old man) driving style is more focused on the safe side being an advanced driver, around town the car drove pretty much the same, but soon as I went to work this morning and did about 30 miles on the motorway the car was just cruising.  I could not believe what a difference the remap had made. The slow hesitant starts have gone, the DSG gearbox feels tuned to the engine speed and whole the car feels lot smoother and graceful to drive and the overtaking is a breeze on the motorway, not driven it long enough but my mpg are already looking improved.

Plus all my extra options are still working as expected and no warning lights what so ever, superb job.

Much appreciated, will be in touch to get that Audi cruise control installed soon.

Many Thanks

Harbhajan Biran


[av_testimonial_single src=’3550′ name=’Mr Adriel Salmon’ subtitle=’Audi A5 Sline 3.0 Tdi DPF’ link=” linktext=”]

Hi Lewis, As promised a quick right up on the work you’ve done. Firstly… why ain’t you working for NASA. I’ve never met someone so clued up with this sector. You have a niche business and a very satisfying one.

The car, well… i’ve got a feeling if i open the doors while driving it would fly. The custom remap for the DPF delete has blown me away, you can hear the turbo spool up low down and it has a very JET like expression on boost especially with the added stainless exhaust. It truly embarasses most cars, and all four wheels are struggling..well it would with 300bhp on tap!

I couldn’t find another company that would even think about a DPF removal on 3.0Tdi. NV Motorsport never fail!

Thank you ever so much





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