OBDII CAN Flap Module for F Series


OBDII CAN Flap Module for F Series FCANFBMS

Gives you instant control over your tailpipe exhaust flapper valve!

2012+ F Series Models are equipped with an electronic valve in the tailpipe that helps control the exhaust sound according to a profile programmed from the factory. This handy plug and play module lets you take control of your flapper valve right from the drivers seat. Go from sounding 100% stock to an exotic exhaust system for a fraction of the cost with just one click of a button. Our seamless integration using the CANbus eliminates the need to install/tap wires, carry around external remotes, or physically unplug exhaust components. Just plug the module in to your OBDII port, tuck it under the carpet, and press the turn signal button to toggle between flap always open, flap always closed, and OEM operation. Installation and removal takes only seconds and it won't interfere with aftermarket tuning systems.

In addition to control over your factory exhaust valve this handy modules includes many other useful features. For //M models there is an active sound MUTE option to turn off the engine noise pumped through your stereo system. For those with LED headlights there is an LED HALO max brightness mode to brighten your angel eyes at night. In addition there is an optional in dash boost gauge allowing you to read your boost levels when racing. All of these features including the exhaust valve control can be independently enabled or disabled right from the drivers seat! We expect to add many more features to the device via free firmware updates that are loaded at home via a BMS DATA cable.

CAN Flap Module Fits:

BMW 1 Series

• 2013+ BMW F20 F21 M135

BMW 2 Series

• 2014+ BMW F22/F23 228i, M235

BMW 3 Series

• 2012+ BMW F30 F31 F34 328 335

BMW 4 Series

• 2014+ F32 F33 F36 428 435


• 2015+ F80 M3

• 2015+ F82 M4

To enter the menu system press and hold the BC button until both arrows

flash and the tach drops to "ready". Press and quickly release the BC

button to toggle between different tach selections or menus. As you

toggle through the menu selections documented in the list below your

blinkers will indicate left for enabled, right for disabled, or both for

undefined/unused menu. If you toggle past the last menu it will wrap

back around to menu 0. To change a menu selection press and hold the BC

button while you're focused on that menu. This will trigger the system

to switch the blinker position and exit menu mode. Note holding the BC

will change the status of a menu on all menus except for menu 0 and

undefined menus where both blinkers are on. So if you wish to exit

without changing anything, for example if you entered the menu system

accidentally, simply press and hold the BC button on menu 0 and you'll

exit out.

0: Undefined/Unused.

1: Active Sound MUTE - When flap is open full time

2: Active Sound MUTE - When flap is closed or OEM operation

3: Boost gauge on fuel, scaling 0-20psi, activates when boost goes over 5psi

4: OBDII Diagnostic Code Delete Mode. When enabled real/active faults continue to show a light in dash.

5: LED HALO Max Brightness at Night

OBDII CAN Flap Module for F Series