BMW M5/M6 JB4 w/OBDII s63tu


BMW M5/M6 JB4 w/OBDII s63tu BMSJB4F10M5

Our latest kit for the s63tu M5/M6, the new JB4 BETA includes functions

never before available to the platform including on the fly map

switching, boost limiting in lower gears for improved traction, an in

dash boost gauge, full CANbus data logging, code read/delete, and the

ability to tune for as much boost as your octane and/or fuel system will

allow. For most running pump fuels expect power gains of around 100whp

over stock. For those who really want to push the factory turbos with a

methanol injection kit and higher octane fuel power gains of up to

240whp over stock are possible. The JB4 also supports larger s63tu

turbos. We've had customers report as much as 820hp to the wheels using

simple Stage1 turbos!

Installation is more

involved than our Stage1 tuner in that you must run a wire to the cabin

for the OBDII CANbus connection and the BCM connects to the wastegate

solenoids behind your passenger side intercooler. Connecting the BCM

requires draining some of the intercooler coolant and refilling the

system after you're complete. For those who simply want a Stage1 with

better logging, in dash gauges, boost by gear, code delete, and will be

happy with 20psi or less, the BCM is optional. For those wanting to push

more than 20psi (maps 2+) the BCM is required.

For those running a DCT

transmission we've found the factory clutch packs are only good for

around 640whp before they start slipping. If you are planning for more

power than this plan to upgrade to Dodson clutch packs sooner or later.

Checkout our s63tu tuning forum on for the latest map

guide, dyno charts, and tuning suggestions.

For the current map guide, firmware, and notes refer to this thread:

s63tu JB4 MAP GUIDE AS OF v1.5:

Map 0: JB4 disabled

Map 1: 4-5psi over stock additive. Suggested for most pump gas applications with and without BCM.

Map 2: 22psi peak absolute. BCM required. In some cases we've found this

map maxes out the factory fuel trims. In those cases only map1 or map3

can be used without meth injection.

Map 3: 18psi peak absolute.

Map 4: Stock map w/ CANbus enabled

Map 5: //M map ramping boost up to redline (BETA)

Map 6: Custom target map

Map 7: 25psi peak (e.g. race gas, BCM required)

Map 8: Progressive meth map. Peak boost based on meth additive. 0 = 19psi, 75 = 30psi. BCM suggested.

Note without BCM all maps, especially the higher target maps, will under target on boost.

************************************************** ************************

*FUD S63TU M5/M6 Firmware

************************************************** ************************

bit0 - Disable in dash BC button controls

bit1 - Disable wastegate adaption

bit2 - Reconfigure BC button for X5M (work in progress)

bit3 - Turn on boost guage on fuel (for cars without BC button access)

bit4 - Slow down CANbus sample rate

bit5 - Enable logging of High fuel pressure (bank1), trims2, and AFR2

bit6 - Enable extra timing cylinder logging

bit7 - Speed up CANbus sample rate

************************************************** ************************


************************************************** ************************

Current dash settings as of OBDII v1.2 firmware:


'OBDII In Dash Menu


'0 map menu, map shown on tach (TACH shows Map)

'1 Active Sound MUTE. (Tach = 0 (off/don't mute) Tach =1 (disable active sound))

'2 Boost gauge on fuel, scaling in dash is 0 to boost safety setting,

turns on when gas pedal is pressed 50% or more and turns itself off when

you resume low throttle use. (Tach = 0 (off) Tach =1 (on))

'3 LED MAX brightness mode. For those with factory LED headlights this

option brightens HALO during nighttime operation. (Tach = 0 (off) Tach

=1 (on))

'4 OBDII Diagnostic Code Delete. (Tach = 0 (off) Tach =1 (on))

'5 1st gear boost limiter. (Tach = boost cap / 3)

'6 2nd gear boost limiter. (Tach = boost cap / 3)

'7 3rd gear boost limiter. (Tach = boost cap / 3)

BCM BCM Module Option (200) None (0)
BMW M5/M6 JB4 w/OBDII s63tu BMW M5/M6 JB4 w/OBDII s63tu BMW M5/M6 JB4 w/OBDII s63tu