ARMYTRIX BMW F8X M3/M4 Exhaust System


ARMYTRIX BMW F8X M3/M4 Exhaust System F80ARMSY

BMW F80 M3 Saloon 14+

Precision-Crafted T304 Stainless Steel

Straight Pipes Vicious Scream & Ferocious Power

The Only Brand With Valve-Controlled OBD2 Module For Quick & Effortless Installation


+26.3 HP


-5.6 kg


+33.4 Nm

Armytrix is pleased to present the ultimate exhaust upgrade for the BMW F80 M3. Harvesting the 3.0L twin turbo engine’s energy through our T304 stainless steel fabricated system, the vehicle is invigorated with enhanced performance and sound. Efficient exhaust flow is created by providing an unobstructed passage, resulting in boosted hp and torque. The refinement and amplification of exhaust note offers the vehicle an even more menacing demeanor. Modern production techniques and masterful craftsmanship ensure the quality of the pieces is on par with, if not better than, industry standards.

Tailpipes Chrome (0) Blue Tip Quad (290) Matte Black Quad (290)
Downpipes Downpipes (1400)