ARMYTRIX BMW F87 M2 Coupe 14-18 N55 Exhaust System


ARMYTRIX BMW F87 M2 Coupe 14-18 N55 Exhaust System F87M"ARMY


Crank up the turbo charged aggression and get rid of the weight whilst you accelerate and pay homage to the resounding Armytrix BMW F87 M2 Exhaust system; complete with quad Silver tips, the ideal automotive accessory for the daily driver and the all out BMW enthusiast.

There are monotonous exhausts and there are exhausts for people who know all about cars, engines, torque and horsepower.

A BMW connoisseur will come to the conclusion that this particular exhaust has an enthralling tone and will gladly allow for it to do all the revving and talking.

Slide into the driver’s seat and anticipate an alluring yet mysterious stream of reverberations.

The tone is very subtle to say the least, and even with our Sport Cat Downpipe installed it is a modified BMW with a thoroughly pleasant setup.

The Armytrix BMW F87 M2 Exhaust system has a great voice to match the power it produces, and you should set it free by revving to your hearts content.

Rest assured, this intriguing manifestation of automotive glory deletes the rear muffler, shedding 14 lbs in the process.

This is an exhaust for those who like to run their wheels fast with infectious charm – no doubt by purchasing this innovative and stylish polished aluminium exhaust – you will not only be the talk of the town – many car magazines and journalists will stop and admire your BMW because you are now regarded as part of the click – an automotive legend so to speak.

Tailpipes Chrome (0) Blue Tip Quad (250) Matte Black Quad (290) Carbon Quad Tips (400)
Downpipes Downpipes (1400) Catback (0)
Titanium Tips Matt black tips