ARMYTRIX BMW F20 F21 M135i Hatchback 12+


ARMYTRIX BMW F20 F21 M135i Hatchback 12+ F135ARMSY

BMW F20 F21 M135i Hatchback 13+

Precision-Crafted T304 Stainless Steel

Straight Pipes Vicious Scream & Ferocious Power

The Only Brand With Valve-Controlled OBD2 Module For Quick & Effortless Installation


+20.3 HP


-3.8 kg


+22.9 Nm

To harvest the full potential of the N55 engine, we utilize quality T304 stainless steel, forged with the most advanced technologies and by the highest standard, to build our valvetronic exhaust. Meticulously engineered, the system handles an increased volume with ruthless efficiency. The refinement and amplification of power and sound alter the entire identity of the vehicle. Upgrades to HP and torque provide more freedom than ever and the auditory sensation throughout the rev range will have your adrenaline pumping to the beat of the car.

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Tailpipes Chrome (0) Blue Tip (200) Matte Black (200)
Cat Option Decat Downpipe (566)
Armytrix Remote