Custom Tuning

Custom Tuning

NVM have the ability to custom tune your vehicle from the ground up. We use the latest hardware and software to manipulate values to increase the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Custom tuning is thrown about these days by companies offering no more than just another database file. You can always tell whether a vehicle is being tuned by a professional or not just by the process and time it takes. Our typical tuning session includes:

    • Full Diagnostics check
    • Data logging appropriate sensors on the vehicle
    • Baseline Dyno run and health check
    • Full ECU backup
    • Modifying necessary map data from proven development or from tests
    • Adding custom code for extra options like Antilag, Launch control and burble tunes
    • Repeating the modifying until the outcome on dyno represents an efficient gain
    • Road test with data-log and further checks

No two cars are the same, hence we follow this process on every vehicle. We map to a standard not a price.

Contact us for a real mapping session with real gains.

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