Smart - ECU Remapping



Smart ForFour 1.5 CDI 9597 hp120 hp212 NM267 NM
Smart ForFour 1.5 CDI 6870 hp95 hp162 NM212 NM
Smart Roadster 6163 hp80 hp97 NM127 NM
Smart Roadster 8284 hp99 hp112 NM132 NM
Smart 4547 hp70 hp72 NM99 NM
Smart CDI 4143 hp61 hp102 NM141 NM
Smart CDI 5557 hp70 hp82 NM100 NM

We regularly have the latest software release for many vehicles. So dont worry if you cant see your vehicle listed, contact us to find out an upto date listing.The figures quote above are intended as a guide, each vehicle will differ in outcome due to general wear and tear. Most vehicles will exceed the guide due to better maintenance by the customer. All our technicians utilise the diagnostic equipment before any modifications for your peace of mind. We at NVM recommend high quality fuel like Super+/98/99 Octane but it is not essential unless strictly specified. All the vehicles existing safety features remain in tact and the software is undetectable to main dealer access. If at any time you sell the car and wish to remove the software we will do this for you although the software will add to the value of your vehicle if you mention NVM.

NVM remaps come with a lifetime software warranty, this is a promise that the quality of engineering in remapping your vehicle is second to none!