Seat Leon 5f FR MK3 ECU Remapping

LEON MK3 fr remapping

Stock engine specs:
Capacity: 1984cc
bore x stroke: 82.5 x 92.8
Compression ratio: 9.6:1
Turbocharger: IHI RHF5

Full boost: 0.6bar@1700 rpm
Constant pressure:0.55bar
Pressure at revlimit:0.5bar
Revlimit: 6500 rpm
Power approx: 210hp
Torque approx: 280Nm


Stage 1:

Engine upgrades:

-Free flow air intake system

Engine performance:

Full boost: 1.2bar@1700 rpm
Constant pressure:1.1bar
Pressure at revlimit:1bar
Revlimit: 7000 rpm

Power approx: 275hp
Torque approx: 380Nm

Stage 2:

Engine upgrades:

-Free flow air intake system
-Full 70mm exhaust with free flow catalytic converter

Engine performance:

Full boost: 1.3bar@1700 rpm
Constant pressure:1.2bar
Pressure at revlimit:1.1bar
Revlimit: 7000 rpm

Power approx: 285hp
Torque approx: 400Nm


Software upgrades:

Special features:

* UserSelectable antilag Launch Control for DSG or MT gearboxes
* FlatShift/No Lift Shift with antilag feature or ignition cut feature
* EPC Shiftlight warning for track/drag racing purposes

Boost control is achieved using the OEM ECU and N75 valve.

Use of 95/100 octane fuel is mandatory.

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