BMW 1 Series Tuning Options

Bmw 1 Series Tuning

ENGINE:ECU Remapping for the following range :

BMW 118d 122124 hp155 hp282 NM332 NM
BMW 118d 143145 hp180 hp302 NM362 NM
BMW 120d 163165 hp195 hp342 NM402 NM
BMW 120d 177179 hp210 hp352 NM412 NM
£325 inc
DPF Delete + Remap £525
BMW 123d 204206 hp241 hp402 NM452 NM
£325 inc
DPF Delete + Remap £545
BMW 116i 115117 hp129 hp152 NM171 NM
BMW 116i 121123 hp138 hp162 NM182 NM
BMW 118i 129131 hp146 hp182 NM202 NM
BMW 118i 143145 hp160 hp192 NM212 NM
BMW 120i 150152 hp167 hp202 NM222 NM
BMW 120i 170172 hp187 hp212 NM232 NM
BMW 125i 218220 hp240 hp272 NM300 NM
BMW 130i 265267 hp282 hp317 NM337 NM
£225 inc

BMW 135i 306308 hp353 hp402 NM467 NM

£385 inc



Miltek Cat-back 120d

Twin-outlet. Requires rear mounting brackets (Part numbers: 18 30 7 806 567 and 18 30 7 574 951) for the 123d model (available from your BMW dealer)

Consists of:
Tailpipe Style:
1 x Connecting Pipe
1 x Centre Section
1 x Trim AssemblyTwin 76.2mm Special




BMW 118d/120d        PX1429    £46.99    £40 Fitting (Free with remap)


BMW 116D                PP1711    £35.99 (free fitting)
BMW 118D                PP1711    £35.99 (free fitting)
BMW 120D                PP1711    £35.99 (free fitting)
BMW 123D                PP1711    £35.99 (free fitting)

BMW 130i                 PX1748    £49.99 (free fitting)

Burger Motorsport

BMW 135i N54            BMSDC    £86.87    DUAL CONE INTAKE WITH FITTING KIT

Dumpvalves and Intercoolers:

Forge Motorsport

BMW 135i N54:

BMW 135i Dual Dumpvalve kit    FMDVBM35    £219.50

BMW 135i FMIC                       FMINT35      £844.50

BMW 135i N55:

BMW 135i FMIC                       FMINTBM      £844.50