Denso's Custom wrapped BMW M2 Stage 2 NVM

Denso's Custom wrapped BMW M2 Stage 2 NVM

BMW M2 Stage 2 NVM upgrades

So our good friend Denso made his decision not only to please the aesthetics but the performance of his unique BMW M2.

NVM Package:

  • Eventuri Intake
  • Forge Motorsport Front mount intercooler
  • JB4 Tuning module
  • Scorpion Turbo back exhaust

The Exhaust on the M2 is already well produced but we sent his car to SCORPION HQ to develop this system specifically. The sound it returned with was amazing and allows a very jekyl and hyde nature.

Densos BMW M2 wrapped rear scorpion scorpion exhaust bmw m2 with ceramic black tips underneath

The eventuri intake is a great addition to the N55 engine allowing it to breathe efficiently and sound amazing doing so.

BMW M2 Eventuri Intake NVM

The Forge Motorsport BMW M2 intercooler allows for more power throughout the rev range with consistency too. The reduction in IAT is a great benefit when upping the boost.

Forge Motorsport BMW M2 Intercooler Forge motorsport intercooler NVM

JB4 fitted and setup on a bespoke map 6 giving it an easy 420bhp and 400lb/ft. The adjustability thanks to the Bluetooth module allows quick map switch from stock to full power.

BMW M2 JB4 with bluetooth module

The ignition timing is quite aggressive on the M2 so careful map 6 setup after hours of datalogging is key.

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