BMW F83 M4 H&R Lowering Springs

BMW F83 M4 in for @hrspringslp Lowering and @eibach_world wheel spacers.

Eibach and H&R

In for lowering and spacers

The stock shock abosorbers benefit from the change in spring rate and compliment a solid feel without compromising on driveability. Being electronically controlled still allows for choice of drive.

The progressively wound H&R springs unladen are same length as the original springs giving the shocks full expansion off load but give that 25mm drop without the crashiness of other brands.

The Eibach spacers are hard anodized for maximum durabilty and strength. 12mm on front and 15mm on rear for the perfect stance.

We carry out a full EDC/DSC calibration once setup. Giving the ultimate efficiency of the stock electronic shocks.

H&R and Eibach M4

Springs and Spacers

M4 f83 h&r springs

Bmw m4 f83


Eibach spaers

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