F30 BMW 335D Xdrive Tuning Remus Powerizer

F30 BMW 335D Xdrive Tuning Remus Powerizer

We are proud to partner with REMUS who have released new multimap switching modules for the F series range.

Our customers’ car produced near claimed figures of 310bhp and 645nm of torque.


With the easy to fit Remus Powerizer we managed to achieve 368bhp and 795nm on MAP 3.


This was with minimal adaptation and hope to see more. Customer is extremely happy and has reported much stronger launch and quicker spool of turbo with all this power too.

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Heres a quick vid we did of the car.

Seat Leon Cupra 280 290 300 ECU remapping MK3

LEON MK3 CUPRA remapping

MK3 Seat Leon Cupra 280 290 300 ECU remapping

NVM stages vary from 350 to 380 hp for the 2.0TSI engine of Seat Leon.

Upgrades Stage 1 and Stage 2 are presented below.

Stock engine specs:

Capacity: 1984cc
bore x stroke: 82.5 x 92.8 (mm)
Compression ratio: 9.3:1
Turbocharger: IHI

Full boost: 1.3bar@2500 rpm
Constant pressure:1.1bar

Power approx: 265 & 280hp
Torque approx: 350Nm


Stage 1:

Engine upgrades:

-Free flow air intake system

Engine performance:

Full boost: 1.6bar@3000 rpm
Constant pressure:1.5bar

Power approx: 350hp
Torque approx: 460Nm

Stage 2:

Engine upgrades:

-Free flow air intake system
-Full 70mm exhaust with 76mm downpipe including Free flow catalytic converter

_ Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade

Engine performance:

Full boost: 1.8bar@3200 rpm
Constant pressure:1.8bar

Power approx: 380hp
Torque approx: 500Nm


Software upgrades:

Boost control is achieved using the OEM ECU and N75 valve.

Use of 98/99+ octane fuel is mandatory.

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Volkswagen GOLF R MK7 Scorpion Exhaust

Volkswagen Mk7 Golf R

1461_02~_res-daytona_3quart 1462_01~_saux043_3quart


Scorpion’s R&D team have been extremely busy with Volkswagen’s latest Golf, the 7R. Hours of time has been spent finessing two exhaust systems for the 2.0TSI engine that puts out around 296 bhp from the factory!

Customers have the choice of either a ‘race’ style non valved cat back system which is more suited for the enthusiast who enjoys a more noticeable exhaust note. Also available is our flagship ‘Red Power Valve’ cat-back system which is new for 2015. Maintaining the workings of the O.E electronic valves this system works directly with the sport button inside the car, you can change from quiet to full sport mode with the push of a button. Both systems are only available in resonated to ensure drone free driving.

Made from T304 76mm/3″ stainless steel you have the option of two tailpipe styles, our more aggressive looking popular 90mm ‘Daytona’ or the more factory looking ‘Monaco’, both of the tailpipe styles are available as polished or black ceramic coated.

For even greater power enhancements Scorpion’s technicians have developed two turbo down pipes. You have the choice of our high flow 200 cell sports catalyst to abide by emission laws yet still increase power, or a de-cat down pipe for the ultimate flow and maximum power gains.

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Ideal upgrade for our Stage 1 and Stage 2 MQB ECU remaps.


Audi S3 8V Cobra Exhaust

Available Now – Audi S3 Saloon 2.0 TFSI Quattro

Audi S3 Saloon Performance Exhaust
The Cobra Sport research and development team have recently completed a new range of exhaust systems for the Audi S3 Saloon 2.0 TFSI Quattro which are now available to view with video sound clips on the website. The new Cobra Sport systems range from de-cat and sports cat front pipe options to fully configurable cat back and turbo back systems with options for resonated and non resonated centre sections. The new S3 Saloon exhaust systems are engineered in 3” (76.2mm) bore stainless steel pipework to allow for larger power and torque gains from the 2.0 TFSI Quattro engine. As always, Cobra Sport have focused on weight saving over the OEM exhaust and have created the unique pitch perfect tone for which the Cobra Sport exhaust systems have become known.To finish the package Cobra Sport have released a range of twin tailpipe options to enhance the look of the S3 Saloon. The choices include twin round or oval slashcut tailpipes with a  stylish stainless finish along with the option for a set of unique Cobra Sport twin Blackout tips.
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Ideal upgrade for our Stage 1 and Stage 2 MQB ECU remaps.