NV Motorsport – Automotive Tuning Specialists

We offer a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to major national work and everything in between. Delivering performance upgrades for most european sports cars such as Jaguar, Ferrari, Audi, Bentley etc. Primarily we aim to provide remapping of the engines ECU to enhance the driveability and performance of the car. We have the widest range of ECU mapping software which enables us to be specialists in nothing but the majority.

Having only recently launched for online clients 2010, we are a growing business wishing to express the work we do and the promises we make. Our slogan of “Dream it, Create it” is something we encourage our customers to remember. Every customer has a dream; whether it be power, handling or exterior. We take this dream only to create it with passion and quality that is reflected on every car that has the NVM touch.

All our performance remaps have had extensive R&D invested to provide customers with quality and driveability in mind. This R&D is reflected with our customer feedback. It is how the car drives and feels which is important, rather than exaggerated rolling road claims. All NVM software are extensively road and dyno tested, for both performance and driveability in mind. Our continous R&D enables us to produce the latest software and maps for the newest vehicles, constantly updating technical training and knowledge.

We have good relationships with the worlds largest performance parts distributors, utilising this to compliment all performance upgrades and customer needs. So not only do we provide simplistic engine performance upgrades, but also have a vast array of products to enhance the handling and styling of the customers car.

We are always available if you are seeking advice on what is the best route to take with your car. We have the ability to scan ECU faults and data log of various sensors to diagnose the engines health.

For more information dont hesitate to contact us via email/phone.

NVM Team